About Us

The American Journal (AJ) is a new broad-scope publication aiming to publish high-quality research and expert knowledge on diverse topics. The journal has a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary issues as we’re conscious that many complex problems in our society require multi-disciplinary solutions. Interdisciplinary research is often difficult to publish in specialized journals and part of AJ’s aim is to capture high-quality work that doesn’t clearly fall within the remit of other journals focusing on research related to the Engineering, Natural sciences, Business & Social sciences.


This open-minded stance towards the scope of the journal means that topics of interest to the journal include interdisciplinary issues. The American Journal will publish more than fundamental or practical research. It also wants to share recommended good practice in all the sectors through case studies (at the design or execution stages) as well as educated analysis of existing codes and standards and of new proposals.


There are extensive options for authors to augment the presentation of their research in American Journal, for instance by including their underlying data presented in interactive graphs, or uploading 3-d visualizations of work done using Software.Ultimately, the American Journal wants to cover all aspects of science and technology concerned with the better life style and sustainable environment. We look forward to welcoming your submissions.

Indexing & Publication