A new open access, multidisciplinary research journal, AMERICAN JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING & NATURAL SCIENCES (AJENS) is dedicated to publishing the most important scientific advances in the life sciences, physical sciences, and engineering fields that are facilitated by basicsciencesand engineering platforms.

AJENS is a series of open access journals published in collaboration with internationally renowned partners, driving high impact open science.

Bringing together strong editorial leadership with world-class publication systems, AJENS transcend traditional research boundaries with innovative features such as lay summaries, allowing journals to serve as intersections for many disciplines and systems, opening up research to the wider public.

AJENS primary goal to provide a high-level platform where academic achievements of great importance in engineering, science and technologycan be disseminated and shared. Proceeding from scientific discoveries, the research achievements disseminated by this journal should be convertible through innovation into a new productive force so as to promote the development of world-class industries and engineering projects of important socio-economic significance.

We are interested in expository and heuristic comments and reviews on major issues, articles, and events; and outstanding research results, in the form of research articles, reviews, perspectives, and short communications regarding critical issues, and so on.

Papers submitted to AJENS are subject to strict peer review and published on the Web as soon as they have been approved by the Editors-in-Chief after. AJENS normally request processing charge for each accepted paper with proper registration process. Open access publication assures maximum dissemination and allows for a higher number of citations. All of these measures ensure that AJENS is an ideal and efficient platform for you to submit papers reporting the latest output of your research in a timely way. Here, through this welcome message, we cordially invite you to submit to the AJENS.

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